Facts Of Large Size Womens’ Shoes; Benefits Buying Online

Large Size Womens’ Shoes

Large size womens’ shoes means you have less stock at stores and not available easily. Below are some facts about it: • In 1986 12% of American women had shoes sizes of 9.5 and higher. In 1994 that number increased…

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What To Consider While Buying Shirt

Dress Shirt Style Under almost all circumstances, a dress shirt for business that is worn with a tie should have long sleeves. In some offices, or outdoor work sites, short sleeves may be appropriate. Look at the example set by…

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How To Buy Perfect Pair Of Womens Leather Boots

womens leather boot

Buying perfect pair of Womens Leather Boot is not an easy task and below tips will help you how to get for yourself: • Knee length boots should fit around the lower part of your leg snugly. Not too tight…

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Does eCigarettes Offers Similar Effects Like Real Smoking


There has been tons of studies and researches related to electronic cigarettes, or commonly called as e-cigarettes. In one of the findings it is revealed the device offers same effects as tobacco smoking. Smoking is very common in all the…

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Style Tips – Why Won’t Your Hair Color, Eyeliner Last

style tips

Why wont my hair color last There’s a great deal of reasons why hair color does not last longer than it does. Here are some things you can do to help get the color to last longer. 1. Color your…

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Advantages Of Getting Designer Furniture

designer furniture

A designer furniture in a room often invites a good reviews and comments from the visitors. It gives good points for the owner who has invested his money into it. An ordinary and plain furniture looks very odd and dull…

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Kim Kardashian Buys Classic Timepiece Of Jackie Kennedy

Kim Kardashian

Even though her bidding was anonymous, but now it is revealed Kim Kardashian has bought Jackie Onassis’s Cartier Tank watch from an auction in New York City lately at triple price. Christie had expected the timepiece to be sold at…

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Richard Murphy’s Edinburg House With Hidden Bath, Disappearing Walls Awarded Best By RIBA

Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) has listed house of the year to a home in Edinburgh that is equipped with hidden bath and disappearing walls. The five-level house boasts a folding corner wall, a roof terrace and sliding bookshelf…

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British Vogue Celebrates 100 Years Featuring Centenarian Majorie Gilbert

British Vogue celebrates 100 years and in the best way of course. The magazine features Majorie Gilbert, who too turned 100 this year, in the May issue. The centenarian is known as Bo in the latest issue. She has lived…

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Kitson Boutique Chain Closing All 17 Stores

The Kitson’s heyday is over and the boutique chain has announced to close its 17 outlets across California, Oregon and Nevada as well as its online shop. To save the brand, the chief restructuring officer James Wong, said they are…

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