How to See a Black Hole

black hole

Black holes might be the most generally popular subject in astrophysics, and with good reason: mystery is the essential foundation of popularity. They were proposed to exist as early as the 18th century, sought after intensely starting in the mid-20th,…

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iPhone X Sales Below Estimation During Christmas Shopping

iphone x

It was a less Merry Christmas for Apple as the sale of much expected iPhone X went down during the peak time and analysts claim the shipment projections for the next year’s first quarter to be lower. Meanwhile, the shares…

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Top Language Learning Apps For Android, iOS

Busuu boasts mobile apps in 11 different languages including Italian, French, German and Russian, to name a few. Each one serves up an extensive vocab section with over 3,000 words and key phrases, while letting you tailor its practice…

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What To Do With Old Game Consoles

Game Consoles

If you are buying new game consoles, do you know what to do with the old consoles? Here are some tips: DVD, Blu-ray player Your previous versions PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 can play DVDs. So, don’t purchase a new…

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Why URL Shorteners May Kill Your Computer

URL Shorteners

As an internet user of today, you should be well aware of the dangers posed by URL shorteners. If you aren’t aware of them, well, the main, most important danger is their ability to mask potentially malicious links. This means…

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How To Convert iPhone Photos Into Artwork


Heard about Pixuru? It is an interesting app for Apple’s iPhone that can bring life to your photos. I guess by this time you are well aware with the Istagram in creating masterpieces for your clicked photos with your phone…

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How To Reassure Privacy Access On Facebook Account

facebook privacy

Facebook wants users to share their information on its platform, but its privacy policy has been frequently criticized by privacy advocates. Below are some tips how to reassure your privacy access. Step 1 Once you are done with your Facebook…

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National Lottery Website Down Ahead Of Big EuroMillions

National Lottery

Tonight is the big EuroMillions draw but just ahead of it the National Lottery players have found the website not working. Twitter has been flooded with frustrations from users of the National Lottery as the website is down and it…

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Apple launches Too Pricey iPhone X At $999

Apple iphone x

Apple launched today its much awaited iPhone X, but with a high price tag of $999 and delayed shipping date of November 3. Usually Apple releases its iPhone within two weeks of launching. The iPhone X is a 10th Anniversary…

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Spambot Leads To 700m Data Breach


Misconfigured spambot has led to one of the largest data breaches ever in which more than 700 million email addresses have been leaked along with number of passwords. Australian computer security expert Troy Hunt said in a blog post, “The…

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