Microsoft May Cut UK Jobs To Strengthen Cloud Computing Unit


Amid focusing more on the cloud computing business Microsoft has released a press statement revealing job cuts are on card and mostly those employed outside United States and are in the marketing sector. Lately the software giant is emphasizing more…

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Moto X4 Leak Images Reveal Curved Screen, Dual Rear Lens

lenovo's moto x4

The 2015 Moto X targeted mid-range audience and the upcoming Moto X4 too is economically priced to make it easily available for the same income group. Fresh leaks online reveals the phone will sport a curved screen and dual lens…

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Virtual Reality Shopping Emerging To Offer Physical Store Experience

Virtual Reality Shopping

Online shopping is heading towards next-generation. Soon virtual reality may come into existence widely to offer comfortable buying along with experience of going into a store. Some experiments have already kicked off and not to forget the initial attempt of…

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YouTube Updates Policies With New Approach To Curb Extremism Videos

A report reveals one of the London Bridge attackers was radicalized after watching extremist videos of an American Islamic preacher on YouTube. YouTube has updated its policies to curb such videos from its platform. Google announced on Sunday the company…

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Android Creator Andy Rubin Launches Essential Phone

essential phone

Android creator too has jumped into the mobile market with the launch of his own high-end smartphone. Andy Rubin resigned Google in 2014 and founded his own technology investment company named Playground. The very first product of it is the…

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WannaCry – New Tool Created To Recover Files Without Paying Money


Security researcher Adrien Guinet claimes to have created a new tool that can bypass WannaCry ransomware saying it can restore infected computers without paying any money to the hackers group. Guinet added the new tool is designed to take advantage…

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Facebook Celebrates Mother’s Day With Temporary Purple Flower Emoji Rollout


Facebook users witnessed a new reaction emoji on Sunday on their timeline. It was a little flower with purple petals to celebrate Mother’s Day, which is celebrated in eight countries globally including America. The cheery flower joined six existing reaction…

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Powerful Ransomware Made From Stolen NSA Code Infects Computers In 74 Countries

powerful ransomware

More than 70 countries have come into the grip of powerful ransomware lately and the infected victims include hospitals, universities and businesses. Known as WannaCrypt ransomeware worm, aka WanaCrypt or Wcry, the worm is installed on Windows computers and gradually…

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Bank Accounts Hijacking Increased 50 Percent: Report

bank accounts

Lately published annual Fraudscape report reveals the hijacking accounts rose to about 50 percent in 2016 by cyber criminals. A total of 22,525 accounts were accessed illegally and in most of the cases over-the-phone cons tactics were used in which…

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20% UK Firms Were Cyber Attacked In 2016: BCC

Cyber attacks have become common lately and companies need to extra cautious to protect themselves from the online criminals and also to keep personal data of public safe. In one of the newest studies it is found 20 percent of…

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