Apple Secures Permit To Test Driverless Cars In California

Apple can now test its driverless cars in California. A permit to do so has been secured and even though the technology is being tested by several companies the iPhone maker is looking ahead to offer its vehicle to the…

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Facebook Continues Fight Against Fake News With New Resource

fake news

The fight against fake news continues and in the latest move Facebook has come up with some new measures to spot those. The platform has launched a resource that will help users in spotting such misleading information. The resource is…

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Facebook Launches Tools To Stop Posting Intimate Images Without Consent


Facebook has come up with new tools that will help in blocking the intimate images of couple shared without each others’ consent and fight against revenge porn. The step has been taken after growing concern of users shaming former partners…

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Samsung Launches Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8 Plus Flagship Smartphones

Samsung launched today Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus flagship smartphones and preorders have gone live through all the four major carriers in the United States and Best Buy. The devices will be shipped April 21 onward. From the same day…

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What Is Tinder Select. How The Dating App Works

tinder dating app

Dating has been revolutionized in past few decades with the advancement of Internet. People hardly had to hit at bars for the purpose. People stopped getting rejected face-to-face. Just a selfie taken at perfect angle and a virtual profile is…

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BlackBerry KEYone To Equip Raised Physical Buttons

BlackBerry Keyone

BlackBerry phones are again coming up with physical keyboards. TCL Communication announced a physical smartphone model called BlackBerry KEYone. BlackBerry of Canada struck a licensing deal with TCK Communication of China to market smartphones in the name of BlackBerry. The…

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BlackBerry Launches ‘Notable,’ A Note-Taking App For Android

The smartphone segment of BlackBerry is well documented and it is time to talk about software. The company is trying to make its existence in the apps market too and the first is note-taking app Notable. BlackBerry launched today Notable…

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Woman Met Man On Dating Website; Landed Being Raped, Assaulted

A woman in United Kingdom was lonely and wanted to be loved again following earlier abusive relationship looked for someone special on This was her greatest mistake in life as the relationship with a new man turned up with…

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Facebook Rolls ‘Discover People’ Feature To Connect With Strangers

facebook discover people

One another new features announced on Facebook sounds interesting. The platform now offers to talk to random people online. Called as “Discover People,” the new feature has started rolling out and to help users in connecting easily like-minded people and…

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Amazon Building Air Cargo Hub; Seeking To Be Its Own Deliveryman

Lately Amazon announced a new air cargo hub in Kentucky. If the ohline retain giant succeed in building up its own shipping and logistics unit, the products sold on its platform would be delivered faster and to be priced tagged…

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