What Was ITC (Incorporated Television Company) Entertainment

itc entertainment

During the 1950s, ITC was at the forefront of television as a growing medium. The company later branched into motion pictures and remained a ubiquitous trademark until the mid-1990s. Although the company has faded out of existence and its library…

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Three worst American Idol contestants – Tatiana del Toro, Jessica Sierra, Antonella Barba

American Idol - Tatiana del Toro

The Drama Queen Idol Tatiana del Toro (Season 8) is the worthy second runner-up of the worst American Idol in the show’s history. The “Saving All My Love for You” singer has managed to spur hate speech from just about…

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What’s in store this Sunday in Keeping Up With the Kardashians

Keeping Up With the Kardashians

It is not yet known for many why Scott Disick avoids looking at Kim Kardashian West. A sneak peek has arrived of Sunday’s Keeping Up With the Kardashians and it is seen Kim’s mom Kris Jenner tells the 35-year-old man…

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1995: The Year of Jane Austen

Jane Austen

Jane Austen books have been popular for the past 200 years. However, in 1995, they received an extra jolt of popularity because several acclaimed movies were made based on Austen’s books that year. Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility and…

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Dating Expert Nadia Essex Suspended From Celebs Go Dating British Reality Show

Dating Expert Nadia Essex

Improper use of social media has landed dating expert Nadia Essex in trouble. She has been suspended from the E4 dating series. She is alleged to have used fake accounts and trolled social media users with it. The 36-year-old has…

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‘Big Bang’Theory Hated And Loved Equally

The Big Bang Theory has had more seasons, more episodes and an even longer run than Friends.For those doing the calculations, that’s a whole lotta Thai takeout boxes, comic book references, white board equations, rounds of “Soft Kitty” and bazingas.…

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Barry Chuckle No More Among Us

Barry Chuckle, one half of the popular comedy duo the Chuckle Brothers, has died at the age of 73. The TV star’s death was confirmed by his manager Phil Dale, who revealed that the star – whose real name was…

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BT Loses TV Rights To Broadcast Ultimate Fighting

BT is understood to have lost the rights to broadcast NBA basketball and UFC ultimate fighting after walking away from a bidding contest. “We won’t bid any more than the rights are worth to us,” a spokesperson for the telecoms…

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Heinz Baked Beans Snapped At.

A famous TV advertisement for Heinz baked beans has been banned for comparing its nutritional value to a branded protein shake. The commercial was first displayed in February.It showed a lady was implying a bowl of baked beans has as…

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Patrick Troughton, The Second Doctor Who (1966–1969)

doctor who patrick troughton

Much like other sci-fi classics BBC Televisions genre sculpting series Doctor Who stands out for its iconic mainstays: Patrick Troughton, 1966–1969 The Second Doctor Patrick Troughton was another British actor who brought with him an extensive back catalogue of film…

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