Catelynn Lowell’s New Best Friend Is A Total Pig

If there weren’t already enough reasons to love Catelynn Lowell, she just gave us another.

The former “Teen Mom” castie just shared a new photo on Instagram, and it’s not your basic, duck-faced pout ‘n’ pucker selfie. Truth be told, we still would have been pleased if it was (<3 u selfies), but this picture is special — Catelynn has a co-star. Is it her doting boyfriend, Tyler? Nope. Not unless the dude has fallen victim to some evil witch’s spell that transformed him into a pig!*

Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 9.57.07 AMCatelynn Lowell’s Instagram
Yes, you read that right. Catelynn shared a portrait of herself getting all cuddly with a pig. An. Actual. Pig.

In Cate’s defense, it’s a fact that oinkers make excellent (if strange) pets. They’re super-clean and really intelligent! Plus, they’re where bacon comes from. (We kid, we kid.) And there’s clearly something extra unique about this particular piggy if Catelynn is so smitten. Perhaps we have a case of “Charlotte’s Web: The Sequel” on our hands! Could it be that this porcine patootie is heir apparent to Wilbur’s throne? There’s really only one way to be sure: Catelynn must now adopt a pet spider and introduce it to her swine. If the spider and the pig become besties — and webs spelling out accolades for the pig begin to appear — then we have our answer. If the pig eats the spider, well, we also have our answer. But it’ll be far less whimsical.

*We would totally watch that show.

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