Charlie Sheen’s fiance Brett Rossi still legally married


After a whirlwind Valentines engagement in Hawaii, it turns out that Charlie Sheen‘s latest fiancée Brett Rossi is still legally married!

According to court records uncovered by Radar Online, the ex-porn star is yet to legally split from husband Jonathan Ross (nope, not the British comedian). He allegedly filed for divorce from Brett in July 2013 after just a year of marriage, but it’s taken her this long to actually submit a response.

Luckily for the happy couple, this slight road bump isn’t set to completely derail their impending nuptials. “The divorce between Brett and Jonathan is going to be finalized in the next few months, if not sooner,” an insider told the website. “There isn’t anything that is being contested.”

After four failed marriages, this isn’t Charlie’s first time at the rodeo either. The TV star and his new bride, who is exactly half his age, will reportedly be signing a prenuptial agreement before they walk down the aisle.

“The prenup will be very generous for Brett, but Charlie has to protect his finances even though he doesn’t think the agreement will be needed, because he believes Brett is his soul mate,” a source previously told Radar.

Charlie’s fortune is estimated to be about $125 million and he isn’t shy about flashing his cash. The 48-year-old is treated his 24-year-old lover to a brand new Mercedes for Christmas and has apparently given her access to his credit cards.

The pair had been dating for only three months before announcing their engagement. Do you think it will last? Have your say below.


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