christmas gift

Cheap Christmas Gift Ideas for Children

There are many outlets providing value Christmas gifts for children for around £10 or less, from games, novelties and toys to gadgets and puzzles. And with careful scouting, one might find that cheap in price does not necessarily mean that the present will be cheap in quality.

Finding Bargain Gifts for Christmas

When looking around for great gifts for Christmas, a few things might be borne in mind:

Some toys may look fun, but may not provide the entertainment value implied
Avoid cheaply manufactured substitutes, which may break easily
Don’t buy the first bargain one encounters. It is better to look around first. A better alternative could be found
Always read the box in case the gift requires accessories or batteries which are not included
Look out for closing down sales or multiple purchase discounts
Always keep the receipt

Christmas Presents for Stocking Fillers

Christmas presents for stocking fillers could provide girls and boys with hours of fun without breaking the bank, such as Christmas craft kits to enjoy over the holidays. Catkin Collection stock all sorts of novelty puzzles, crafts and construction kits for children, including 3D models of a tyrannosaurs rex, an elephant, an astronaut, a robot and an England Knight.

Adventure Figures Peg Kits provide children with hours of fun as they construct figurines of Robin Hood, pirates, kings, queens and witches via wooden pegs, trimmings, pipe cleaners, sequins and glue, only to create their own theatre. For something more unusual, the child may like to grow their own plants by cracking an Eggling, only to find seedlings ready to shoot.

Novel and Unusual Gifts

For kids who hate baths, I Want One of Those, stock an Underwater Light Show that transforms the bathwater into light show or a disco. The settings can be adjusted to slow or rapid and for different lighting effects. For more fun, Racing Grannies with expressions of steely determination and adjustable arms may race one another with Zimmer frames. Similar fun can be sought by Pass the Pigs, a cult family game that depends upon where the pigs fall for score value.

Christmas Craft Ideas for Children

To add satisfaction at creating one’s own present, Find Me a Gift, stock Design Your Own Bag for just a few dollars. This includes a complete kit for creating a bag and purse design. Everything required is included for creating different designs from simple to chic, includes embellishments, decorations and instructions. Paint Your Own Mug or Paint Your Own Piggy Bank offers similar creative satisfaction as the child may decorate it in any design desired, from mermaids, fairies and rainbows to insects and monsters. All that is required is a day’s drying time before a bake in the oven.