Chery Cole misses out on Girls Aloud after party

Cheryl Cole missed out big time at the Girls Aloud after party last weekend. Cole had been suffering from a cold all weekend but still managed to pull off 3 shows as part of the Girls Aloud Reunion UK Tour.

The singer left the London O2 arena after the show on Sunday and reportedly went straight home to bed in her dressing gown for some much needed rest and recuperation.

Her fellow band mates; Nicola Roberts, Kimberley Walsh, Nadine Coyle and Sarah Harding however, had a tremendous time celebrating the final inning of their tour in London.

While Cheryl was at home sipping back hot tea and her Nan’s chicken soup the other 4 girls spent the evening racking up an impressive £9,600 tab at London’s Whisky Mist at the shows after party.

Nicola, Kimberley, Nadine and Sarah then went on to hire a VIP room and together guzzled their way through over 50 bottles of alcohol.

The final bar bill included four magnums of champagne at £600 each, 24 bottles of Vodka and 24 bottles of Rum.

Sarah Harding also known for her role in teen movie ‘St. Trinians’ left the party early leaving her other three band mates and crew to finish up.

The final show in the Girls Aloud Reunion Tour is on March 20th in Liverpool. All the girls are hoping that Cheryl will be back to celebrate with them at the wrap party after the show where the drinks bill is expected to be at least double!!

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