Chris Brown, says words to his haters.

Chris Brown is confronting some really extraordinary recoil for the star Ebola tweet he conveyed yesterday, yet he’s not precisely bowing over counter directionally to apologize.

Indeed, he seems, by all accounts, to be in Defiant Breezy mode.

In the event that you missed it, Chris Brown’s Ebola Tweet expressed, “I don’t know … yet I think this Ebola pestilence is a manifestation of populace control. S**t is getting insane bruh.”

Not shockingly, since he seems like he’s ace something that has guaranteed a large number of lives, and numerous dread will result in a worldwide pandemic, the backfire was quick.

Among the opposition to Chris remarks included jewels like “you accept this focused around what proof? Gracious yes, none” and “Why numbskulls gotta be celebrated?”

Then again, our individual top choice, “You’re not a keen individual … whatsoever.” Chris seemed to surrender that point in no time from there on, composing “Let me quiets my dark ass down!”

The irate answers kept heaping up, however, and he soon enough, reprimanding individuals: “I say what I need. On the off chance that u dislike it…. “SUCK MY ASS” ( little Asian young lady voice).”

Goodness. Simply goodness.

That pearl, and the first Ebola populace control hypothesis, are still live on his Twitter page, making us ponder who is dealing with this fellow at this moment.

It’s misty if Chris is inferring that legislatures are focusing on poorer African nations with Ebola, or was simply attempting to sound shrewd and get all logical.

In any case, fall flat. At any rate when Kim Kardashian fears Ebola so much that she’s loading up on hazardous materials suits, she’s considering the infection’s loss of life important.

Concerning the individuals who concur with Chris’ populace control point – and there are more than a couple on his Twitter – they may feel contrastingly soon enough.

On the off chance that a lot of people more individuals like Nina Pham begin contracting this thing in the U.s. furthermore the CDC can’t stop it, we’ll perceive to what extent the insensible online commotion.