Celebrity Big Brother

Chuck Liddell Evicted From Celebrity Big Brother

The eviction of first houseguest has been done from Celebrity Big Brother but it was highly in dramatic fashion. MMA fighter and UFC champ Chuck Liddell was on the block for eviction with Big Time Rushstar James Maslow by Head of Household Keisha Knight Pulliam. The Power of Veto was not used and so all the eyes were on the two.

It was earlier planned to kick out James Maslow, but he painted himself into a corner and Shannon Elizabeth made last-minute changes targeting Chuck Liddell to be not safe. It is learned Omarosa and Keisha, alliances of Shannon, were now aware of the plan.

With this Chuck lost to remain safe in the house of Celebrity Big Brother with a 7-1 vote. The single vote against James came from Omarosa. The votes were read by host Julie Chen and Keisha was seen shocked hearing the result.

Chuck didn’t see his eviction coming. He said, “I’m not sure what happened exactly, but I guess I wasn’t as good with the social game as James was.”

Later he even added to watch again the tapes to know what went wrong. He said, “I’m not sure what exactly I did wrong.”

There’s a bit different from Big Brother. Here jury members are allowed to reunite with their families and Chuck said, “For me, it will be really simple. It’s going to be … who was straight with me and who wasn’t.”

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