How Come Nicole Scherzinger Not Heard Of East 17 As Revealed At X Factor

Nicole Scherzinger looked incredible and stole the show Saturday night on The X Factor with her bedazzled ivory one-shoulder dress.

The former Pussycat Dolls singer took centre-stage slipping into a figure-hugging leather dress followed by fellow judge Sharon Osbourne and host Dermot O’Leary.

The 38-year-old looked incredibly beautiful and impressive in the sizzling skintight garment paired with a scarlet slick of lipstick and towering stilettos. She had a heavy-duty leather jacket over her shoulders. The midi dress revealed her enviably toned legs too.

Her long glossy tresses swept off her face cascading down to her back with styled and polished waves.

The singer was flanked by a bodyguard.

Meanwhile, Sharon Osbourne flashed a wide grin leaving the X Factor studios. She was in a black longline coat equipped with a checked scarf.

Lady Gaga too was spotted leaving the studios in a white bathrobe and Dermot O’Leary looked chirpy in a khaki bomber jacket.

Earlier today Nicole said was oblivious to her 1994 hit track Stay Another Day that was then the UK Christmas number one.

She added the East 17 appeared nothing to her as she had never heard it before X Factor hopeful’s 5 After Midnight performed in the evening.

Nicole admitted to have thought it was nineties classic’s lyrics.

Twitter was flooded differently. One tweet read, “WHAT! Nicole Scherzinger’s never heard that East 17 song before?”

One another tweet read, “Sorry, how has Nicole Scherzinger never heard East 17’s Stay Another Day?????? #xfactor.”

People continued tweeting in their own words how come she has not heard of East 17.