Coolest AI smart home gadgets from CES 2024

Coolest AI smart home gadgets from CES 2024

CES 2024 highlighted lots of smart home gadgets with AI, showing how technology is getting smarter and becoming a part of our everyday lives. From fridges that remind you when your pickles are about to turn fizzy to bird feeders that identify feathered visitors, here are some of the most eccentric and fascinating innovations from the tech extravaganza in Las Vegas.

Samsung’s AI Fridge Takes Charge

Samsung, known for its tech-forward fridges, has upped the ante with the Bespoke 4-Door Flex Refrigerator featuring the AI Family Hub. This cool fridge uses AI to know when your food is going to expire. It tells you when veggies are about to go bad and even suggests recipes to use them up before it is too late.

Decoding Baby Cries with Capella

Capella introduced an app-based baby monitor that claims to do the impossible – translate a baby’s cries. For $10 a month, parents can understand whether their little one is uncomfortable, tired, or in need of a diaper change. Capella boasts a 95% accuracy rate, surpassing the 30% success rate of typical human intuition. A big help for tired parents who want to understand what their baby needs.

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Bird Buddy: An AI Ornithologist

Enter the Bird Buddy, an AI-powered bird feeder that identifies and records every avian visitor. With a special app, this device lets you see live videos of birds and even helps you save pictures and short videos of them. Priced at £239, this innovative bird feeder even provides ‘postcards’ of bird visitors, complete with samples of their songs.

LG’s Two-Legged Home Robot

LG showed off a cool robot for your home. It listens to your voice, talks to other smart devices and keeps an eye on your house and pets, like a smart security guard. Imagine being greeted at your front door by this tech-savvy companion, offering not just security but also personalized weather updates and reminders.

Lockly’s Visage Smart Lock

Face recognition technology takes center stage with Lockly’s Visage smart lock. This innovative door lock replaces traditional physical locks, responding to facial scans or other biometric data like fingerprints. Priced at $349, it brings a new level of security and convenience to home access, inspired by the face-unlocking capabilities of modern smartphones.

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Perfecta’s Smart Barbecue with an AI Chef

Seer’s Perfecta smart barbecue introduces an AI ‘chef’ that calculates optimal cooking times based on meat thickness and preferences. The $3,500 device claims to cook a one-inch-thick steak in just 90 seconds, thanks to its AI NeuralFire chef.