Coronavirus: People who traveled to UK from China being traced

Coronavirus: People who traveled to UK from China being traced

United Kingdom health officials are working with airlines and Border Force agents to trace around 2,000 people who recently flown back home from China’s worst hit area by coronavirus.

Coronavirus is a killer virus and forty-one people in China have died out of it. The virus has entered Europe through flight travelers and so far three cases have been confirmed in France.

According to England’s Chief Medical Officer Professor Chris Whitty, fourteen people have been tested and cleared of illness in UK while more are being checked.

Professor Whitty added the overall figure across world is more than 1,200 and so some cases could be seen emerging in Britain.

He further said, “We think there’s a fair chance we may get some cases over time… Of course this depends on whether this continues for a long time.”

The professor continued saying that earlier it was thought the danger would be less compared to Ebola, but recent rise in number reveals a different story.

The Department of Health said its team is trying to trace those travelers who flew back to Britain from Wuhan city in China. Border Force officials are being contacted to help in speeding up the search of such people.

Usually symptoms for the coronavirus appear in about 7 to 10 days.

Meanwhile, China is speedily constructing a 1,000-bed hospital for coronavirus victims.

Two cases in United States and one in Australia have been confirmed too.