The Correct Path for Parcel Sending Now

Many of us have relatives or good friends living in other regions of the country or even abroad. Now it is not uncommon, as it was in Soviet times. Sometimes there is such a need to send a parcel to relatives (some do it regularly). Now the Post of Russia began to work better, and earlier there were frequent thefts of mail. In order to avoid such troubles in the future and secure your package, there are simple rules that will protect your valuable cargo and reach it intact to its addressee.

The first rule, which should be observed here – always evaluate your package no less than at least a thousand rubles. Because parcels without evaluation are a great excuse to “profit” for postal thieves (ie for those people who have access to parcels and other valuable postal items for their work), because no one will refund your cost for an invaluable postal item even do not assign a serious internal audit within the organization. For the parcel delivery to Portugal these considerations are evident.


 Rule number two – inside the post cardboard box for the parcel should be placed another drawer smaller. You can make it yourself using any piece of packing cardboard or another cardboard box, and you can use this tape to fix this homemade box. This additional box will also protect the contents of your package. After all, sometimes only a part of the contents are taken from the parcel, usually by unfastening the postal tape (such as scotch tape) at the corner of the box and pulling out the contents. After that, a certain bulk substance measured in weight is put in, so that the parcel remains unchanged by weight. And with a reinforced in this way a postal parcel such a number is already impossible to crank.

The third point in the safety of your departure is to make sure that everything inside the parcel is fixed. Bury the remaining space with soft paper, you can use for this purpose slices of the same foam or packing film. You can and cotton.

Some Advice for You

We advise you to follow these rules so that you do not lose anything along the way of the parcel and that it reaches the addressee unharmed. Opting for the my parcel delivery is easy in this case.

Proper Tracking Options

If your shipment is not being tracked for a long time or the customer claims that he did not receive the parcel, although the delivery time has already passed, you need to apply for a search. This can be done in your office. If you still decide to write an application at the office, then you need to take with you the original check of the shipment, its copy, the full address and the name of the recipient.