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Crimes With Knife, Gun Increased In London, Met Funding Cuts Blamed

Gun and knife crimes have lately increased in London and the Metropolitan police said the budget cuts over the past few years may be responsible for it.

The police force adds the gun crime has increased by 42 percent while the knife one has rose by 24 percent.

Assistant commissioner of the force, Martin Hewitt, said cuts to funding are to be blamed for such rise in the crimes by gun and knife.

The Conservatives took the charge in 2010 and since then 600 million pounds have been saved by the Met and it is further believed another 400 million pounds will be saved by 2020.

In 2016 the total documented crime in London was 774,737, which was up by 4.5 percent and 16.72 percent of those were solved, below the 18.8 percent in 2015.

Hewitt added increase has been seen young people carrying knives and quarter of those were linked to gangs and carrying a blade.

In past couple of days three fatal stabbings were reported in London. The places were Northolt, in the north west, Mile End in the east and Plumsted, in the south-east.

Hewiitt further continued the younger generations are carrying knives for various reasons like self-protection, criminality and status too.

He said, “There is a phenomenon of people feeling that you need to carry a knife to be safe … The problem comes when you then get a confrontation.”

It is further expected by the Met that more cuts will be on the card if the government changes ways the forces are funded.

Meanwhile, mayor Sadiq Khan mentioned he would fight any further cuts.