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Crossroads Actress Lucy Pargeter Reveals Keeping IVF Pregnancy Efforts Secret

Lucy Pargeter lately revealed while speaking on Thursday’s This Morning that she kept her IVF treatment to get pregnant a secret from the Emmerdale bosses as she didn’t want to give any indication to be off in nine months because storylines and everything could be affected.

The actress went for maternity leave earlier this week and believes to be away for only a while. She is playing Chas Dingle on the show.

She and her husband Rudi Coleano are already parents to 11-year-old Lola. Both have been trying for a baby for several years and with the IVF treatment they are expecting twin girls on May 3.

The couple attempted IVF earlier in 2015 and it was a lot harder than the current one as getting pregnant at older age is not easy.

Lucy said she is looking ahead to educate women on pregnancies in later life and want to do something to raise fertility awareness.

Earlier in January the actress talked about her pregnancy with OK! magazine saying at the five-month scan they learned about two healthy girls. Both were over the moon and last year was the best Christmas present for them.

As twins are rarely allowed to go over 37 weeks, the couple may expect the babies in mid-April even though due on May 3.

She continued to have talked about a C-section and also a natural birth, but it is fact twins often have one naturally and one the other way.

Explaining her dilemma further the actress said, “The recovery time with a C-section is difficult afterwards, but a natural birth can be horrendous, too, so I’ll see how it goes.”