Cruz and Bardem Caught the Ire of Hollywood Execs

Hollywood stars Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem have been facing the ire of top Hollywood executives after they signed an open letter declaring Israel’s attack on Gaza as an act of genocide, according to The Independent. The letter, written in Spanish, was signed by other 100 Hollywood film professionals. Pedro Almodovar was one of them. It was addressed to the European Union, urging it to let Israel cease its attacks on Gaza.

This show of support sparked anger among Hollywood executives. One of them is Ryan Kavanaugh, chief executive of Relativity Media. According to him, anyone who thinks that what Israel is doing is genocide instead of an act of self-defense is ignorant of the real issue and should not comment on the issue.

Another executive confided in a Hollywood reporter that he’s thinking twice of giving any of the two any project in the future. Another movie producer also told The Independent that he would never work with Cruz again.