The Cure plans to release two new albums: ‘4:14 Scream’ and ‘4:26 Dream’


April 1 (UPI) — The Cure frontman Robert Smith has clarified the content of the band’s two upcoming releases, 4:14 Scream and 4:26 Dream.

The singer wrote a post titled “As Clearly and Succinctly as I Can” on the band’s website Tuesday in an attempt to clear up fan confusion over the new albums.

Smith says The Cure had thirty-three songs planned for their 2008 album, 4:13 Dream, but the number was ultimately reduced to thirteen due to external pressure.

“I ran out of the energy and conviction I needed to resist a growing commercial…pressure from individuals and release structures,” the singer says of the reduction. “As a consequence a number of (my favourite!) slower songs and instrumental pieces were left unfinished and unreleased.”

The new album 4:14 Scream, therefore, will be an “album of fourteen previously unreleased songs.”

The second release, 4:26 Dream, will be a limited edition double-CD with remixes of twenty-six songs. The album will include some songs from 4:14 Scream, some of the original 4:13 Dream concepts, and ten previously unreleased tracks.

No release date has been set in stone for the upcoming albums. Smith also indicated his desire to “create some NEW new music” with the band’s current lineup.

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