Cyclone Megh To Hit Yemen’s Socotra Island Hard On Tuesday

War-ravaged Yemen’s Socotra island was hit with another cyclone on Sunday. Panic was caused with an urgent appeal of minister to save people from the second tropical storm in a week.

Meanwhile, government sources have confirmed two people were killed and dozens injured in the cyclone Megh after heavy winds, rain and flash floods swept through the island that was battered high by cyclone Chapala few days before killing 11 Yemenis.

It is said the latest cyclone is several times worse than Chapala. It has caused more material damage and has displayed more than 5,000 people who have moved to the northern shore to schools, universities and hospitals.

World Meteorological Organization said the cyclone to it Yemen’s coast east of Aden on Tuesday at around 1200 GMT and the wind is expected to blow at the speed of 90 km to 120 km.

According to US, more than 230,000 people in the mainland will be exposed to the cyclone. The Abyan and Al Bayda governments will be at greater risk.

Yemen is struggling with war between a Shrite militia and government forces for past seven months or more. The Gulf Arab states too are supporting the Yemeni government in the fight.

Meanwhile, aids including food and tents have reached the island from United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Oman and Saudi Arabia.

The Socotra hosts hundreds of unique plant species and sometimes it is linked to the Galapagos islands too.

According to Alarqbi of the Environment office, the cyclone has damaged reefs and has eroded soil.