Daily Iron Requirements for Toddler Nutrition

Daily iron requirements for toddler nutrition

When infants become toddlers their recommended nutrient levels increase in order to promote healthy bones, muscles, teeth, and blood volume development. Toddlers need a wide variety of vitamins and minerals in order to achieve this. As toddlers, they should have an intake of about 1,300 calories a day. Because toddlers burn energy very quickly they should eat 5-6 small meals a day. This will help keep their bodies properly nourished. Iron is a vital mineral needed in a toddlers body’s to develop properly.

Iron Requirements

Iron is needed in the composition of hemoglobin. Hemoglobin carries oxygen in the blood. As toddlers grow their blood volume has to increase to support their body. This raises their need for iron. The daily iron requirement for a toddler is about 10 milligrams a day. This can easily be achieved through a healthy and balanced diet. AAFP.org has excellent examples of healthy iron enriched meals for toddlers.

Iron Sources

Proper toddler nutrition has to include adequate levels of iron. There are numerous sources of iron even a picky toddler will eat. Meats and seafood’s are the greatest iron source. Red meat and dark poultry are excellent sources of iron. Tuna and Salmon can be eaten in moderations for proper iron intake at diner or even for lunch. Tofu, eggs, and iron fortified cereal and milks can be eaten for breakfast for a toddler to maintain iron. Dried peas, dried beans, and dried fruit have iron in them and are an easy snack for toddlers to eat. Certain foods such as tomatoes, broccoli, and oranges can help the body improve iron absorption. Strawberries also help their body with iron absorption as well.

Iron Deficiency

If toddlers lack a sufficient level of iron in the body they can become very ill with a common medical problem. They may end up with a condition called anemia. Children 1-3 years of age are likely to suffer from this iron deficiency. A child with this condition might feel weak, tired, and dizzy. Their skin may look pale and they may experience a rapid heart beat. Toddlers may have a decreased appetite from an iron deficiency. Doctors can diagnose them with anemia.

The daily iron requirements are a vital part of proper toddler nutrition. As they grow their nutrient intake increase to accommodate their growing bodies. The nutrients are necessary in order for their body’s to develop.