Dan Stevens: I don’t know what will happen on ‘Downton’

NEW YORK, Jan. 3 (Entertainment Magazine) — British actor Dan Stevens says he has “no idea” what will happen in the Season 4 of his former TV drama “Downton Abbey.”

“I have absolutely no idea what becomes of Mary because I want to watch it with the American audience — it will be fun. After all, I live in Brooklyn now,” Stevens told the Hollywood Reporter.

Stevens’ popular character, Matthew Crawley, was killed off on the show’s Season 3 Christmas special after the actor said he wanted to leave to pursue other acting opportunities.

He has since starred in the Broadway production of “The Heiress” and is now filming “Night at the Museum 3.”

Season 4 of “Downton Abbey” is to begin airing in the United States Sunday on PBS. It will follow what happens to Matthew’s wife, Mary, and their newborn son after Matthew’s death. The show is set in a British country mansion in the 1920s.


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