David Cameron Proposes Britain Must Consider Airstriking ISIS Targets In Syria

British Prime Minister David Cameron lost a vote in parliament in 2013 to airstrike Syria and now, amid all the threats of attacks from Islamic State, he is again proposing the lawmakers to consider it.

The PM said Britain cannot subcontract its security to other countries and attacking targets in Syria will be legally justified on the ground of self-defense.

Releasing a 26-page document with details plan of how to tackle the threat posed by ISIS either diplomatically or militarily, he said the terror group is a threat to their national security and they must take action otherwise not dealing with them at source carries grave risk.

Currently Britain’s air campaign is limited to Iraq as the Syria bombing idea was rejected in a parliamentary vote in 2013.

The government has not yet set a date for any such voting but the PM seems confident and says it may be considered over the weekend and the voting may take place as early as next week.

The multiple attacks on French capital Paris earlier this month on November 13 emphasize greater threats to the country. This may help him to win the vote. Moreover, the composition of British Parliament has changed in May, after the general election, in which the Conservative Party of the PM has won a full majority. It is governing the country without its former coalition ally, the Liberal Democrats.

However, the Labour and the Scottish National Party are less convinced with the proposal of Cameron saying he needs to present a clear plan.