Decorate with antiques at Christmas

Decorate with antiques at Christmas

Christmas is a time for celebrating life’s blessings and most people who celebrate the season, pull out all the stops. Swathes of greenery hang from the mantles, grapevine twines around chandeliers, sparkly glass ornaments hang from the tree and holly fills glass bowls.

An old-fashioned Christmas can be had using the antique collections already in the home. Antique collections should be used and enjoyed. And Christmas is a great time to bring them out of the boxes, off the shelves, down from the attic and into the heart of the home.

Christmas Decorations with Antiques

Consider the antiques in the home, like vintage toys, old quilts, vintage linens, vintage kitchen tools, books and vintage pottery or glass vases. Think about how they could be used to take the decorations one step further.

  • Miniature toys could be hung from the tree. It’s a great way to show them off.
  • Vases or pitchers could be filled with greenery, red dogwood stems, berries and holly. A collection could be grouped together for an impressive display.
  • Use an antique quilt as a tree skirt. Crazy quilts would be perfect because the colors and fabrics were usually rich and deep. Crazy quilts can be found on eBay and some sell for as little as $30.
  • Antique books could be grouped together, wrapped in a wide ribbon and topped with a big red bow and a bit of greenery. A pretty decoration for a side table or even under the tree.
  • Bring out the winter antique toys. Old sleds, skis, snow shoes could be placed on the porch or in the entrance way embellished with big red bows.
  • Miniature dolls, like Kupie dolls could be given little plaid scarves and hung from the tree. Turn them into funky fairy dolls and add paper wings for the holidays. These can be attached to the scarfs.
  • Consider using a small vintage aluminum Christmas trees to spruce up a table.
  • Build a display of vintage Christmas brooches.
  • Bring out the vintage Christmas art or cards and create a display on a wall.
  • Embellish newer ornaments with vintage rhinestone costume jewelry or rhinestone buttons.
  • Or, thread them together to make a large ornament. It’s a no-glue solution.
  • Collect vintage glass Christmas ornaments and fill the tree with them. These can often be found at yard sales through the spring and summer for a couple of dollars.

Collecting Antique Christmas Decorations

Vintage and Antique Christmas Decorations are easily found. Online auctions, live country auctions, thrift shops, antique shops, yard sales and flea markets always prove fruitful. The collector could find anything from an authentic Victorian Santa for $100 or more to vintage glass balls for less than $5.

Aside from being a good financial investment, a collection of antique Christmas decorations is an investment in a family tradition.