Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez- Friendship Over

Disney stars Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez have always been known as bestfriends or BFFs in the entertainment industry. And it’s sad to learn that the two officially called their friendship off just recently. Lots of people are speculating that it’s because of Justin Bieber that Demi doesn’t think her relationship with the popstar is healthy especially when they go on and off. Demi made a clear statement about this though and fans are obviously wondering how it happened. On her recent guesting at What What Happens Live last Thursday on the show, she officially revealed that she did cut ties with Selena Gomez in all her social networks and when she was asked why; she reply was, “I think its just one of those things where people change and people grow apart.”

According to Demi, she sees Bieber as a bad influence to Selena. She also shed feelings towards not only Justin Bieber but also with SImon Cowell who happens to be her ex co-judge at X Factor. She said, “I’d kill Bieber. I’d kill Simon. F–k, I’d kill Joe, too!” although she took one back saying, “No, Joe and I are good friends, so I wouldn’t kill him. I’d keep him around.” Then Jessica Alba (who was also on the show) asked who would she “shag” because that’s part of the segment she answered with “none.”
Going back to the seemingly deranged friendship of the former BFFs popstars, lots of people are still hopeful that they would mend it. Lovato seems to be open to the idea still but looks like only if Bieber won’t be in the picture. What do you think about it? Are you pro the whole “Jelena” relationship especially now that they are reported to be seeing each other again? After this whole mess of being with Justin Bieber, Selena also decided to unfollow her friends on social media as well which is definitely something really sad if you think about it especially being friends with Demi since they were very little and just starting in show business.
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