Dennis Quaid defends dating young Laura Savoie

Dennis Quaid defends dating young Laura Savoie

Dennis Quaid proposed Laura Savoie last month and now has come forward to defend the relationship that has a difference of 39 years.

The 65-year-old said the criticism does not bother him and her 26-year-old fiancee as he had never looked for an age gap or someone is younger to him.

The Day After Tomorrow added while talking to the Guardian that he met Laura at a business event and thereafter their relationship developed.

Dennis said no one has control over on whom one falls in love with.

He said, “I don’t fall in love easy. But I can’t let what a few people think control all that. I’ve bee married three times and this is the final one. I know it is.”

The father-of-three said he feels that Laura is a real partner in life.

Dennis was earlier married to PJ Soles from 1978 and 1983. In 1991 he wedded Meg Ryan and separated in 2000. In 2001 he divorced with her. The two shares a son Jack.

In 2001 he dated model Shanna Moakler. It last for about eight months. Later he started dating real estate agent Kimberly Buffington. The two married in 2004 and welcomed twins Thomas Boone and Zoe Grace in 2007 via surrogate.

However, the two separated multiple times and finally in 2016 both divorced.

Laura on the other hand was earlier dating Entourage star Jeremy Piven.