Different Aspects of the Sporting Industry that has been Most Affected by Tech

Different Aspects of the Sporting Industry that has been Most Affected by Tech

If you want to know more about the sporting industry and the various industries that have been affected most by tech then you can find out everything you’ve ever wanted to know, right here.

Media and Content                                     

When you look at the advancements that have been made in technology – you will soon see that every single person who has a smartphone device is now able to be a media content creator. When you compare this with the WiFi connection that is now available, and the expansion of various social media channels are also making it even more possible for people to create a buzz about their team. This kind of advancement is also impacting how owners are able to present their team to their fans. Some are even using augmented reality, and this is something very special indeed. Tej Kohli, who is an investor is doing everything he can to try and make sure that he boosts the tech industry, and his funding for AI has certainly helped with advancements like this.

Fan Engagement Different Aspects of the Sporting Industry that has been Most Affected by Tech

Fan Engagement

Better technology means better data capture of customers through things like mobile ticketing. This gives teams and even leagues the chance to get to know more about their fans and quickly as well. This includes way more personalised target goals which will cater to a fan’s preferences and even seating locations in the facility. Fantasy sports have had such a major impact and gambling is slowly becoming way more localised and legalised too. In-game betting is becoming a huge part of the action and technology is playing a huge role in fans being able to access their sports data and betting information.

Athlete Performance Different Aspects of the Sporting Industry that has been Most Affected by Tech

Athlete Performance

The margins between success and even failure are becoming more and more narrow when compared to ever before. Athletes are looking to have a feasible edge as trainers and even performance staff members are being tasked to try and maximise the productivity, where they can. Wearable devices have really disrupted the industry. Take a look at Zephyr for example. They have produced a compression shirt which can measure key inputs, such as your heart rate, breathing rate, posture and even impact. This can then be used to measure things like jump height and flight time. Supplemental tools which are able to track the objects which are used by athletes can also lend technical insights which can really boost performance. Rapsodo have managed to create a pitching device which helps you to measure the zone analysis, pitch velocity, true spin rate and even axle efficiency of a golf ball.

Venue Design

The speed and even the quality of WiFi connections within a sports venue are also driving the game-day experience for fans. It doesn’t matter whether it is through watching replays, mobile ticketing or even though social media because fans are now more demanding than ever and WiFi is playing a huge part in the decisions that a lot of stadiums make.