Doctor Who – History of The Daleks

Doctor Who – History of The Daleks

It is a true testament to the enduring appeal of these Terry Nation created foes that they have remained popular enough to be brought back to the modern version of Doctor Who time and time again. But when they have been brought back have they remained true to the original version or evolved in any way?

The Daleks In The Classic Series

In the classic series the Daleks were the fictional representation of Nazism. They were unfeeling, ruthless machine creatures who wanted to “exterminate” any other species that did not conform with their own. They would frequently utilise other races such as the ape like Ogrons as their cannon fodder foot soldiers and had only one desire, to take over the universe.

The Daleks – William Hartnell to Jon Petwee

During the First Doctors time the Daleks developed a personal rivalry with the Time Lord even making it their goal at one point to hunt him down and destroy him for foiling their previous plans. The Second Doctor believed he had destroyed the Daleks once and for all after encountering and outwitting their Dalek Emperor.

During the Third Doctor’s era the Dalek species showed how calculating they could be generating an entire war between the Draconian race and the Human Race. They also teamed up with the Master but were simply using him as a means to carry out some of their dirty work but it showed their cunning and guile.

Genesis Of The Daleks

In this story the history of the Daleks became much clearer as the Doctor was sent on a mission to avert their creation. The audience were introduced to the evil scientist and creator of the Daleks, Davros. Here we began to understand where the Daleks developed their utter ruthlessness as Davros was very much a fictional angle on the beliefs of Hitler. However when the Doctor was provided with the perfect chance to destroy the Daleks his moral dilemma was that this genocide like action would make him no better than them. He chose the pacifist route.