Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton is a Godmother

PHOTO: Kate Middleton is seen during a Reception for the Dramatic Arts, at Buckingham Palace in London Feb. 17, 2014.

On Sunday, the Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William took baby George to St. Barnabas Church in Essex, where Kate assumed the role of godmother to a friend’s child.

“She was there as a godparent not as a princess,” the Rev. Ken Dunstan told the Mirror newspaper. “I don’t normally pay a huge amount of attention to godparents as long as the godparents are there and willing to make the appropriate promises.”

According to Dunstan, the baby’s parents first told him that they weren’t sure whether one of the four godparents — a friend from college — would be available for the service. She was.

“Later the father rang me to say the other godmother is available,” he said. “Then he told me who it was.”

However, it was a quick trip: That night, the future king and queen were back in London, where Prince William was a guest at the BAFTAs.

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