Dunham and Dillingham Publishing Unveils Powerful, Unique New Solution to Learn French Fast

OKLAHOMA CITY, Dec. 31, 2013 /Emag.co.uk/ — Dunham and Dillingham Publishing has today unveiled a dramatic new program for anyone who wants to learn French easyLanguage and Lyrics. This new program is the brainchild of Dennis Dunham, PhD and Kyle Dillingham, world-renowned musician and fluent French speaker.

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The first thing that strikes aspiring Francophones is the difference with Language and Lyrics. It’s not a book. It’s not a read-along audio series. The new program is essentially a 10-disc collection filled with story and song. Il Fait Beau is a “romantic, thrilling comedy written for beginning and intermediate Francophones.”

The program draws learners into the French language through a thrilling story combined with original music and songs, as reported by The Oklahoman. Cutting-edge research shows that songs and music help the learner engage both hemispheres of their brain, allowing them to learn twice as fast. “The entire series is like listening to a Broadway style musical, except that it’s in beginning French,” says co-creator Dennis Dunham.

Dunham goes on to say, “We believe that the less translation, the better. If a person is going to be learning a language, it should be in as engaging a way as possible. We wanted to develop a program true to the heart of how people learn a second language.”

Kyle Dillingham adds, “Having a story in script format takes out all the guesswork for the beginning French reader.”

Appropriate for all ages, and written for the beginner wanting to learn French fast, this series contains all original story and music. Aspiring language learners can purchase the box set or download the entire series from the Language and Lyrics website.

To find out more about how Language and Lyrics can help anyone learn French fast, visit http://www.LanguageAndLyrics.com.

About Dunham and Dillingham Publishing: Dunham and Dillingham Publishing, LLC will someday provide a series of foreign language self-study CDs and readers. The emphasis is on engagement, learning a second language the same as a learner’s first language, and right brain application. French is the first of many planned series.

Contact: Dennis Dunham

Name: Dunham and Dillingham Publishing

Phone: (855) 449-1463

Web Address: http://www.LanguageAndLyrics.com
Email: Dennis@LanguageAndLyrics.com

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