Easy Ways to Plan an Unforgettable Party

Easy Ways to Plan an Unforgettable Party

If you are preparing to throw a party, it is vital that you plan ahead, and manage each stage of the process in plenty of time. Careful planning will put things into perspective, and allow you to create a party that your guests will enjoy and talk about long after the confetti has settled.

As the host or hostess, putting together a seamless event requires a great deal more effort than your guests might ever suspect. Balancing the books with the creativity can be a little overwhelming so, if you are in charge of organising the event, here are some tips to get you started.


Unless you await their arrival from the gates, the venue you choose will greet your guests before any other aspect of the party. Whether you have a guest list of fifty or five hundred, a venue that surpasses every one of their expectations will make a world of difference to the atmosphere. Ensure that you will have enough space for dining, dancing, and entertaining; a combination of indoor and outdoor space will give guests the freedom to roam, and additional space behind-the-scenes will make it easier for your caterers to prepare and serve your party menu.

Food and drinks Easy Ways to Plan an Unforgettable Party

Food and drinks

Hosting a big party can be quite stressful. What kind of food should you serve to your guests? How many guests should you expect for the event? Some of the most important party suppliers you will hire are your caterers; devising — and executing — an unforgettable menu requires expert knowledge of flavours and presentation. You may check out websites like www.houseofpartyplanning.com for an extensive list of premium party suppliers to choose from.


It is crucial that you set yourself a realistic budget beforehand and do your best to stick to the figure. It would be best if you wrote down your projected expenses on a piece of paper, for you to have a clear understanding of where the money goes. If you are collaborating with another person, it would be best to conduct a brainstorming session to discuss all expected costs ahead of time.

Time and date

When planning a big party, you want to finalise the date at least a few months ahead; your guests will appreciate a prompt invitation, and, without a date, you will not be able to organise your catering, photography, entertainment or transport. 

If you are planning to host a party around a major holiday, aim to invite your guests well-in advance, before they commit to trips abroad or visits with the family. Make sure to distribute the invitations ahead of time — a minimum of two weeks should be allowed for guests to make arrangements for childcare and transport.

Lastly, you need to refer back to your guest list as the plans unfold; issue RSVPs with your invitations, and update your guest list each time someone sends their confirmation, or regrets.  that you can start giving out invitations as soon as you have finished finalising the date and time of the event.