Does eCigarettes Offers Similar Effects Like Real Smoking

There has been tons of studies and researches related to electronic cigarettes, or commonly called as e-cigarettes. In one of the findings it is revealed the device offers same effects as tobacco smoking.

Smoking is very common in all the countries and so the penetration of e-cigarette is seen as multi-million dollar business. It is growing in popularity with the rise in the awareness of dangerous effects from tobacco smoking.

Many are looking to the e-cigarettes as a tool to quit smoking, but it is highly debated whether these vaping actually is less harmful than the real smoking.

However, if believed to some of the critics, it is learned the electronic vaping device is more harmful than being helpful.

Below are some important details to note how the e-cigarette can harm your health:

One of the studies by German Cancer Institute found a chemical carcinogenic used in the device is not good for health. The same conclusion came from the American Lung Association. It issued a statement writing several leading brands e-cigs come with toxic, cancer-causing chemicals and those include the ingredients that is used in formaldehyde and antifreeze. Similar to the real cigarette it also contains carcinogenic substances such as nitrosamines and benzene.

It is also found the device carry nanoparticles that can cause such inflammation that is similar to the suffering from diabetes, asthma, stroke and heart disease.

More to all these, the e-cigs are as addictive as tobacco and this is the scariest part of the device. It has also come to notice teenagers start with e-cigs and then try the real tobacco smoking.