Eco-friendly Christmas gift wrap ideas

Eco-friendly Christmas gift wrap ideas for 2020

Mass-produced wrapping paper is pretty mainstream, and the standard non-recycled kind isn’t exactly environmentally conscious, either. For a unique, fun, and memorable way to wrap Christmas gifts, one of these ideas may be exactly what is needed.

Always Use Recycled Papers

Traditional wrapping paper can be environmentally upgraded by using recycled paper instead. Some eco-friendly paper uses corn husks or banana plant fibers to create an organic feel and unique texture. Paper such as this adds character to packages, and can be totally personalized by the giver with a pen, markers, or other writing utensils. Wrapping paper is popular for a reason, and recycled paper takes the appearance to the next level.

As a unique twist, wrap Christmas gifts old-style in newspaper, magazine pages, or fabric remnants found around the home to show others your commitment to reducing waste over the holiday season. Themed wrappings can be really fun – for example, a passport holder could be wrapped in pages from a travel magazine or brochure.

Unique, Eco-Friendly Reusable Gift Bags

Gift bags are great options for irregularly shaped gifts or for anyone who just can’t seem to wrap presents in paper neatly. For a reusable and unusual twist, one can buy or make gift bags from fabric instead of buying the disposable paper kind.

Fabrics are as infinitely unique as patterned paper, so there’s sure to be something appropriate for any occasion. For a bit of personalization, the recipient’s name may be embroidered on the fabric or painted on with fabric squeeze paints.

Tin Cans Make Unique Wrappers

For something truly unique, one can use recycled tin cans as wrappers for small presents. Using a de-crimping can opener, remove one end of a tin can and use or save the contents. Rinse the inside thoroughly, and remove the label. Presents may be nestled inside the can in newspaper, tissue paper, or shredded home office paper and the outside of the can should be wrapped in something pretty like ribbon or paper.

Crafty Christmas Wrap Options

Eco friendly gift wrapping options this holiday season are only limited by the imagination. Here are a few more fun ideas:

  • Knit or crocheted pouches that can be reused over and over again
  • Small gifts can be wrapped inside socks, slippers or mittens – two gifts in one!
  • Coffee cups also make an awesome useful vessel for little trinkets or organic fair trade coffee beans

These unique ways to wrap gifts will help add a dash of flair and unique presentation to any special occasion.