Effective Promotional Marketing with Tech Products

Effective Promotional Marketing with Tech Products

Marketing merchandise deserves more attention than most small business owners realise initially. As a result, if the first campaign underperforms, they either become even more stringent with their budget for the next one or skip promotional marketing altogether.

On the other hand, if proper attention is given to every detail from selecting the actual promotional products to the branding campaigns themselves, the real life tangibility of promotional marketing materials is unmatched in developing lasting impressions.

Why are Tech Products So Effective in Promotional Merchandising?

Technology is a necessity today for us in business and life. When something as useful as a portable power bank or a USB flash drive carries your brand’s name, you have a higher chance of getting the maximum ROI from them.

In order to explain exactly how that holds true, we must go through a core prerequisite of merchandising success first.

Usefulness and Longevity Creates Long Term Positive Associations

The objective of any promotional merchandise is to build a connection with the target customers, and that happens mostly on account of the following:

  • Utility
  • Relevance
  • Quality

As modern business in its current capacity is highly dependent on various aspects of technology, promotional marketing tech products are, by nature, utilitarian and universally relevant.

Branded Power Banks Effective Promotional Marketing with Tech Products

Which Ones are the Most Effective?

To help companies get the best out of their marketing investments, we have shortlisted only a handful of tech merchandise for effectively promoting brands/products offline.

Branded Power Banks

The power bank is what keeps smartphones or laptops going, even when there is no energy source to plug them in. It’s essentially portable energy, and taking into account how critical smart devices have become for conducting business on the go, branded power banks can practically become a beacon of hope for officials who travel frequently.

Given that branded power banks sport business logos, names and brand messages on them, a positive association is guaranteed.

Custom USB Flash Drives

Flash drives are regular tools for transferring data easily in a portable package, so they also make for excellent promotional marketing products in both the B2B and B2C sectors. Do make sure that the flash drive you choose offers fast transfer speeds because nobody likes a slow storage device. If it is too slow, their experience with it will end up creating a negative association with the brand instead.

From action figures and bottles, to geometric shapes and logo designs, the choice here is really vast, and you are only as limited as your imagination for the most part.

Branded Earphones Effective Promotional Marketing with Tech Products

Branded Earphones

A pair of good quality earphones is more portable than traditional headphones, and they cost a lot less too. The appeal of the earphone is universal and transcends most age/generation/personality barriers, but only if it’s actually good.

It might be wise to stay away from trendy tech items such as a selfie stick, or a USB bracelet, however. They can be useful, but only if you have a very niche segment and you know for sure that the target customer will like them or have an actual use for them. Besides, trends lose value fast, making them of little value for the long term ROI expected from expensive merchandising campaigns.