Emilia Clarke can't do justice to James Bond role: Henry Golding

Emilia Clarke can’t do justice to James Bond role: Henry Golding

Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke lately shared her wish to play the role of next 007 James Bond saying it would be the coolest thing in her life. However, others in Hollywood believe she would not do justice to the iconic character.

Last Christmas co-star Henry Golding said Emilia Clarke would ‘kick a*s’ as the James Bond character.

Talking to a news media he added, “She’s a joyful energetic little bean, but she’s such a bada*s at the same time, so I could totally see her do that.”

In one of the scenes in Last Christmas the Crazy Rich Asians star whacked out his best 007 James Bond impression and this is the reason he too was earlier tipped to take over the great role himself.

He said the scene was his audition and it was thought he would be funny to sneak it in but the impression of Sean Connery was terrible.

The actor revealed some more takes were shot but those went through editorial cut.

The 33-year-old said, “It’s funny that people have these fan castings and I’m completely honored. It’s such a role.”

Henry Golding further said that literally every actor dream to play James Bond as the role is the leading man of a century and beyond.

Daniel Craig is departing the role of James Bond after thirteen long years and there seems certainly to be a vacancy.

Emilia Clarke said, “James Bond is one of those franchises where it’s never not cool.”