EU President Warns May To Accept Right Of Citizen To Work In London

Leaders of Slovakia and Czech Republic has delivered a strong statement in relation to Brexit saying Britain need to accept right of EU citizens to work in the United Kingdom to retain the access to single market.

The leaders, Robert Fico and Bouslav Sobotka respectively, met in the Slovak capital Bratislava on Monday and said it is not imaginable the EU citizens would not be equally treated post Brexit.

The rotating presidency of European Union is currently held by Slovak Prime Minister Fico and he vowed to be fighting hard to get the rights of 70,000 of his countrymen and women who are residing in the UK.

He added the EU bloc need to stand united now to negotiate over the divorce deal of Britain with 27 countries.

The statement of Fico comes after the recent warning from Downing Street that post Brexit London would be able to have control on people migrating to UK from EU.

Immigration has topped the Brexit agenda after the new Prime Minister of UK, Theresa May, talked about new controls on EU labor to the UK movement.

May’s spokesman said undoubtedly the PM is in favor of immigration control.

He added, “Following Brexit we will be able to control the number of people coming to Britain from the EU – she’s made that point at the G20, and she has made it elsewhere.”

In June 2016 referendum 51.9 percent of people in the UK voted in favor of Brexit, withdrawing Britain from EU bloc. Following it David Cameron stepped down and May took the chair of PM. She is shouldering the responsibility of initiating the complex Brexit process that is said to take about two years to complete.