Everybody’s Talking About Transformers: Age of Extinction

Oh yes, the latest installment of this high budget action movie series Transformers is already out and is making a huge buzz. This is one of the latest release movies that people have been waiting to see since 2011’s Transformer’s Dark of the Moon. Director Michael Bay made a press release that Dark of the Moon is his final installment on the project but the CEO of Hasbro didn’t like it so the series could go on with or without Bay directing it.

For the Age of Extinction, don’t be shocked not to see Shia Labeouf in there. For all of you who expect Megan Fox too, well sorry but she’s also not in the movie. But it’s not about them anyway! It’s all about those robots transforming into the coolest cars and vehicles on the phase of the earth. Yes, it’s all about the Autobots! Remember that Optimus Prime is really the man of the hour on this movie.

On this series, it would probably leave you a little uncomfortable knowing that the -always-main-character in human form has been Shia Labeouf. For all the die-hard Shia fans, you all might not like it however; the plot is still going to blow your mind along with the movie effects. Michael Bay has always been known as well for mastering such Hollywood magic in doing all those effects from car chasings to blowing things up like mad. Clearly on this edition, he hasn’t lost his touch on doing such amazing things on film.

If you love Bay’s work from the previous Transformers, you sure are going to love this one as well. Not to mention Stanley Tucci is now in this installment as someone who owns an Apple-ish kind of company who turns out wanting to create evil robots for world domination.

There’s a lot going on in this movie than just alien robots trying to save the world from another alien robots who are evil. And you can still catch this amazing movie in cinemas near you especially if you are living in London until the 10th of July. There is definitely violence involved in this movie (a LOT!) but nothing you can’t explain to your kids if you want to watch it with them.

If you want to keep up with the latest on movies today, just keep visiting this site and you will have everything that you need to know about what movies making a buzz right now. And as of the moment, Transformers: Age of Extinction is definitely on fire.

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