What To Expect From Samsung Galaxy S6 Models

Undoubtedly the Galaxy S smartphones from the stable of Samsung are the best Android phones currently available in the market and next week the next-gen Galaxy S6 series will be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) event in Barcelona. Let’s find out what can be expected from the models.

If believed to rumors on several tech websites it is learned Samsung may come up with two models. One will be of traditional look and fell like the Galaxy S phones and the other phone to have curved sides similar to what we have seen in Galaxy Note 4 Edge to help users with quick access to frequently used apps, alerts and other important features.

Previewers argue the Galaxy S6 to come with metal flow and not with a plasticy materal that we have seen in Galaxy S5. It will look premium and even can be compared with Apple’s iPhone smartphones.

The next-gen smartphone of the South Koraen giant is learned to come with even a better front and rear cameras. Many still believes megapixels are king in camera so Samsung may come with improved shooter, probably a 20MP lens.

It is further learned Samsung will equip the new smartphone with the highest quality displays available. The display will be stunning sporting a 5.1-inch screen.

The S6 series is also to be fueled with impressive battery to offer longer power period compared to other smartphones. The battery will be small and charge faster than previous models.