The most expensive Doctor Who collectables

The most expensive Doctor Who collectables

If you have recently picked up the habit of acquiring Doctor Who collectables, you could soon start feeling like you are about to be buried by an avalanche of these pieces in your own house. That’s because the variety and supply of such Who goodies can feel, well, practically endless.

Still, many of the most lucrative Who collectables might be out of your financial reach anyway. Just consider the following examples, surely some of the priciest such pieces ever…

The Two Doctors Special Edition DVD set

Over the years, we have seen many instances of Doctors sharing screen space with each other; the time-travel premise obviously makes such scenes very palatable. However, not so easy to grasp is the price of this two-disc DVD set of The Two Doctors, an adventure first airing in the ’80s.

Houston Press reports that the price of a new copy can touch nearly $4,000; converted into pounds, that’s around the region of £3,000, making Colin Baker among the most valuable Doctors. 

Doctor Who costumes

Why wouldn’t the prospect of pulling on a costume previously donned by the Doctor himself – or, more precisely, one of the many people who have played him on-screen – have many Whovians salivating? Even costumes worn by recent Doctors have proved powerful draws.

In 2010, a David Tennant outfit was sold at auction for £5,000, while a Matt Smith suit fetched £2,625. So, you don’t have to reach too far into the back catalogue for something truly valuable.

Doctor Who costumes

Sharaz Jek headpiece

Remember the character Sharaz Jek in the episode The Caves of Androzani, the final instalment of Peter Davison’s run? If you do, you might also recall Sharaz wearing a headpiece that has made its way to auction since the episode’s initial broadcast in 1984.

The price this item reached, as reported by The Telegraph, was nearly £5,000 – despite this headgear having been estimated to sell at a much lower price in the range of £600 and £800.

The Complete Davros Collection

You might love watching episodes featuring Davros, one of the Doctor’s most iconic adversaries. Still, how much would you be willing to shell out for all of the TV episodes that included the character and were shipped in a limited edition box set in 2007?

Try about £5,600; that’s this box set’s value these days. If you can do without the included little book showing a Davros timeline, the episodes can be gathered separately for just dozens of pounds.

Original Dalek Supreme

The iconic status of the Daleks has enabled them to command high prices in the used collectables market. Consider the example of a Dalek Supreme model that, though blown up in one episode before being reassembled for later outings, still sold £36,000.

That was due to the model’s age. Therefore, when shopping for Doctor Who merchandise at The Who Shop, it’s worth looking out for original props and other pieces that the outlet can stock. This selection can change over time, so keep a close eye on it!