Facebook Celebrates Mother’s Day With Temporary Purple Flower Emoji Rollout

Facebook users witnessed a new reaction emoji on Sunday on their timeline. It was a little flower with purple petals to celebrate Mother’s Day, which is celebrated in eight countries globally including America.

The cheery flower joined six existing reaction options like wow, angry, sad, haha and love.

In fact the flower started to crop up last week and users flooded posts today by showing how “thankful” they are. The reaction also appeared in 2016 around the same time to show thanks for moms on the big day. It is yet not known how long it will be made available for.

However, the little flower only appeared in few markets as a test of people’s ability to leave a flower reaction. British users were left out of the opportunity to react to a post with the purple petals, but they can see it on posts which were reacted by users outside UK.

It proved popular in all the countries where the flower was made available and the US users had mostly flooded posts with it.

Lately Facebook has been experimenting with reactions and rolled out different emojis to add up the ability of people to react to posts and comments.

In a blog post the social giant writes, “When a person chooses this temporary flower reaction, they’ll see something special that wraps around the post they’re reacting to.”

Apart from all these, it also added new Mother’s Day-themed masks and frames for the camera app that can be launched by swiping right on News Feed.