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Facebook Continues Fight Against Fake News With New Resource

The fight against fake news continues and in the latest move Facebook has come up with some new measures to spot those. The platform has launched a resource that will help users in spotting such misleading information.

The resource is nothing out of the order, but it is similar to the earlier efforts of the social networking giant around privacy and security that will pop up for couple of days to open a page of information on how to spot fake news and also what to do thereafter if clicked on it.

Some of the tips are like looking closely to the website addresses and reading the “about” page too of the suspected website. The “about” section sometimes make it clear the news published are in fact satire and not real information.

Vice President of News Feed at Facebook, Adam Mosseri, said it is hoped users will become more discerning consumers of news.

False news was around for long time but it gained outsized attention during the United States presidential election last year.

Facebook is working hard to crack down hard on such websites and how to block such fake news being shared on the platform.

The social giant is also working with outside experts like researchers, academics and nonprofit journalism organizations to identify false news.

The company is also working on drying up the economic incentives of such websites that publishes fake news. They will find difficulties in buying ads on Facebook.

The new feature will be made available in just fourteen countries as of now and those include United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, France, Taiwan, Brazil and Philippines.