Facebook Launches Tools To Stop Posting Intimate Images Without Consent

Facebook has come up with new tools that will help in blocking the intimate images of couple shared without each others’ consent and fight against revenge porn.

The step has been taken after growing concern of users shaming former partners on the platform by publishing online explicit videos and photos.

The new tools will also be integrated in Instagram and Facebook Messenger, but WhatsApp will be left out as of now.

Facebook owns both WhatsApp and Instagram.

Head of global safety at Facebook, Antigone Davis, said the admin may also disable the faulty accounts in some cases if intimate images are posted online without permission of partner.

Davis added an appeal process too will be integrated for those whose photos will be deleted by error.

He said, “If someone tries to share the image after it’s been reported and removed, we will alert them that it violates our policies and that we have stopped their attempt to share it.”

In March this year a 26-year-old man Skerris pleaded guilty in Balbriggan District Court for uploading a video of having sex with female partner twice to an online adult site.

Hollywood actress Mischa Barton meanwhile said she suspects two of her ex-boyfriends are trying to sell out her naked photos.

She also accused her former partners Adam Shaw and Jon Zacharias for revenge porn footage and the prices starts at $500,000.

Barton said she had hard time and worst fear after realizing her images are being sold by the person whom she loved once.