Facebook Rolls Out Live Video Feature

Facebook has started rolling out Live Video feature on Android operating system. It has been rolling out on Apple devices over the past few months.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in Berlin on Friday he is most excited with the Live Video feature.

Zuckerberg added the ability to express in a live broadcast is like next step mission on the platform and the era is closer to us when video will become primary form of content that users share.

He said offering the ability of live broadcast to everyone is very powerful.

Briefing during the Q&A session at a town hall in Berlin the CEO touched several topics including virtual reality headsets and Internet-beaming aircraft.

His discussion lasted for more than an hour and he also talked about an update on fatherhood and about his dog too. He said hate speech has no place on Facebook and the company is continually working on flagging the harmful speech.

About the privacy issue Zuckerberg said, “We absolutely need to do a good job on this.” He said the platform wants users to take complete control over their content and be alert the hackers or government can’t get to it.

Zuckerberg said he is very optimistic about artificial intelligence and has a goal of building an AI system.

About the dislike button the CEO said newly rolled out Reactions emojis are close to it.

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