Facebook Soon To Roll Out Paid Version Luring With Ad-Free Option

Finally Facebook is going to be a paid service. This may turn to be a bad news for many, but some may welcome the new move as the social platform will be free of advertisements for them. However, the free service will continue as it is equipped with ads.

Couple of critical changes have come up in the operation of business after the company walked on a rough few weeks following revealations that how much data it can collect about users and how those could be used without the consent of users by Facebook apps developers.

Reports detailing Cambridge Analytica’s user data harvesting practices forced the social networking company owned by Mark Zuckerberg to deal with a major privacy PR nightmare lately.

New privacy-management tools may have arrived and in the apology tour of Facebook an acknowledgement has come up that privacy of user is important.

The company is trying to keep its stand to collect data about users on its free version platform and such things can be avoided on subscription-based version.

In past one month or so the company had conducted market research to learn whether paid version of Facebook could be able to convince more people. There s no official word about it though.

Bloomberg claims the company has toyed with the idea of ad-free subscription.

In the first quarter earnings call Facebook’s COO Sheryl Sandberg said, “We certainly thought about lots of other forms of monetization including subscriptions, and we’ll always continue to consider everything.”