Large Size Womens’ Shoes

Facts Of Large Size Womens’ Shoes; Benefits Buying Online

Large size womens’ shoes means you have less stock at stores and not available easily. Below are some facts about it:

• In 1986 12% of American women had shoes sizes of 9.5 and higher.
In 1994 that number increased to 17%.
• In 1998 30.4% of all womens’ shoes sold were size 9 and above.
• The American Academy of Orthopedic surgeons, 8 out of 10 women wear shoes that are too small for them.
• A sample survey conducted in the US showed that quite astonishingly, 60% of women’s feet increased in shoe size since the age of 20.
• It is in fact becoming more ‘the norm’ to have larger feet.
• In the sixties, having a UK size 5 [US 6.5] was considered average and having a size 7 [US 9] or above and you had very large feet!
• Up until the last couple of years, larger sized womens’ shoes were often difficult to find, plain and frankly unfashionable.
• More and more manufacturers and shoe designers now offer their styles in larger sizes as standard.

Benefits Buying Online

• Choosing large size womens’ shoes online is relatively simple once you know the top stores to shop in.
• If you went out shopping and looked around for larger sized shoes you might find the odd store who stocked them.
• You certainly couldn’t always look in a store window and know they would have anywhere near the size you wanted.
• As well as taking away the hassle of trawling the stores, shopping online usually means a discounted price, often free shipping and lots and lots of variety.