False Terror Rumor Spread Panic At Oxford Circus, London

Shops were shut down and two of the streets were cordoned off near to Oxford Circus tube station Friday evening in London after fears of terror attack erupted that was later believed to be a fight between two people on a platform.

Panic was spread immediately and people started fleeing the area following rumors of gunshots. This led to stampedes and injuring more than a dozen shoppers and commuters during the Black Friday rush hours. Police triggered protocol for terror attacks.

Crowds were asked to take refuge in shops and Oxford Circus station was evacuated. However, no evidence of gunfire or casualties was found in investigations.

British Transport Police (BTP) described it as an altercation between two men on the platform, CCTV images of the two have been released and people are appealed for information. Police is seeking to talk to the two in relation to the incident.

BTP added several reports were lodged on 999 calls about the incident that took place at around 16:38 GMT on the westbound Central Line platform and officers responded including armed officers and Metropolitan Police.

Several high profile people were condemned for spreading incorrect information on social media about the incident that remained unconfirmed.

Former EDL leader Tommy Robinson tweeted, “What looks like another jihad attack.”

He however deleted his tweet later.

One of the witnesses tweeted the fight between two men and yelling of crowd turned into a stampeded, terrifying the street and spreading false rumors of terror attacks.

The first armed vehicle responded to the scene in less than a minute after first call on 999, said Metropolitan Police spokesperson.