Fantasy Football

Fantasy Football Playoff Tips

As you head down to the final of FIFA World Cup in Russia, here are some tips for fantasy football fans.

Fantasy Football Playoff Dates

If you’re serious about winning your fantasy football league, you need to know when your fantasy football playoff begins and be ready for it.

Different players and teams perform differently than they have for the better part of the early season because different mindsets take over heading the NFL playoffs. Most leagues have two-week playoffs beginning in week 14 so that a larger sampling size can occur to create the most fair matchups possible in your fantasy league.

For positions like kicker and defense, you can go ahead and pick up an alternate for your fantasy football team because these positions are based mostly on matchups.

Even if a team has a bad kicker for instance, they might play a bad team such as St. Louis or Detroit in one of their matchups during a fantasy football playoff weak. In that case, have that kicker or defense ready to go so you can sub them in if the other matchups necessitate it.

NFL Playoff Spot Locked Up?

Always keep an eye on which fantasy players on your team play for NFL teams that might already have spots locked up. This year, the teams to keep an eye on include the New York Giants and the Tennessee Titans. Both of them have three game leads already with just five games to play so another key win or two could mean that they will begin resting players like crazy.

Take a look at these spots and make sure you have backups for your fantasy team if necessary and also consider picking up some of these teams’ backup players off of the waiver wire if they have an easy schedule down the stretch as well.

Running back is probably the most interchangeable position when it comes to backup players putting up fantasy points down the stretch of the NFL season because the offensive line dictates how big the holes are that they run through and on many teams, an average back can go for big yards due to all the space they are given behind superior offensive lines.

Fantasy Playoff Matchups

Take a close look at who you are projected to play in the fantasy football league playoffs. Take a look at past fantasy matchups with these players and see where you did well or went wrong.

Scout out your fantasy football opponents just like a real NFL coach would and you can gain some key insight on who to play and also project just how well your team might do in a playoff matchup.

And if you can play an easier opponent by perhaps throwing a game in the last week, don’t be afraid to do it because winning is the only thing that matters in fantasy football.