Farm Town tips

Farm Town tips: How to gain experience, reach new levels

Of all the aspects of Farm Town, few are more captivating and frustrating than the leveling system. Gaining experience can be a very slow process, and often frustrates players to the point of quitting. Luckily, for those who refuse to give up, there are a few tactics that you can employ that can significantly contribute to your farm’s ability to reach the next Farm Town level.

Earn as Much Money as Possible

To start off with, the first step towards improving your farm’s level is to begin generating Farm Town money. A good tactic to gain money is simply by heading over to the marketplace and harvesting for others. For whatever reason, farmers actually profit more when others perform the farming for them, so there will be plenty of people seeking out a farmer to hire to do their work. This acts as a simple way to generate cash is the first step, as it is difficult to gain large amounts of experience without any money.

Increase the Size of Your Farm

Once you’ve earned a decent amount of cash, you will have to enlarge your farm. In order do this, simply head over to the real estate section and purchase bigger farm plots. The bigger farm you are able to buy, the more crops you will be able to plant at one time, so it’s important to buy the largest farm you can afford. As you continue to develop your farm, make sure to continually purchase more and more acreage to increase the number of crops you can plant at once.

Plant the Right Crops

The best Farm Town crops to harvest in order to acquire experience points are raspberries. Raspberries finish growing so quickly that you are able to make a huge amount of them throughout the course of a day, and will accumulate a large amount of experience when doing so. If you continue to plant raspberries repeatedly, your experience points will grow rapidly.

Build the Right Buildings

Adding buildings is another fantastic method to generate experience. Purchasing a house and a barn will get you a lot of experience, but a better method is simply to buy a lot of hay bales. Hay bales have the highest experience/cost ratio, and are able to generate you huge amounts of experience without requiring to use a lot of money.

Visit Friends

Lastly, just hanging out with your fellow farmers can earn you a lot of experience points. If you have hundreds of friends who play Farm Town, and you take a few seconds to check out each of their farms each day, you can conveniently gain thousands of experience points. Facebook games encourage you to connect with your friends and provide advantages for doing so, so do not neglect to take advantage of this and acquire experience in the process.