Fashion Designing Versus Costume Designing

Fashion designing vs costume designing

It is true that fashion designing holds a promising future and more and more career-minded students are getting lured into this profession. But strangely, costume designing, which is an offshoot of fashion designing, is grossly underrated and does not attract the same attention. For instance, cine-goers who avidly watch the attire of the lead actors seldom bother to think about the imagination and creativity of the costume designer who made those dresses possible.

The vibrant growth of the entertainment industry in recent times – be it regional or national movies, international flicks, television soaps or reality shows – has tremendously broadened the scope for use of different costumes to capture the imagination and sustain the interest of the audience. There is no denying that all specialty shows, kid’s channel, commercial programs and even sports channel have to focus on right types of costumes to be popular and successful.

Costume Designing

Critical role a costume designer plays in the entertainment industry can be well understood. It is their responsibility to conceive and create the right outfits for the various characters in the show or movie.

Producers and directors of every movie, play or show abjectly depend on a costume designer to make their characters look real. It will neither be an exaggeration nor an untruth to say costume designing is a lot more detail-oriented than fashion designing. Costume designing has long been a poor and neglected cousin of fashion designing and unfortunately, most students pursuing a fashion designing course do not realize the criticality of costume designing.

Fashion Designing

To those who may not be aware, the history of fashion designing dates back to the nineteenth century when Charles Frederick came up with his designer label that created lot of sensation. However, in the twentieth century, fashion designing has become a rage with many aspirants waiting to take it up as a career. Fashion designing is now a much sought-after profession in many countries across the globe. Fashion designing has helped to bind diverse culture transcending all national boundaries.