Fashion for lady golfers - How to look good on the green

Fashion for lady golfers – How to look good on the green

With professional players such as Michelle Wie and Natalie Gulbis paving the way for elegant and stylish golf clothing, today’s lady golfers expect a wide choice of practical and fashionable clothing.

A wider choice of lady’s golf clothing

The choice of clothing available for lady golfers is ever increasing. Although golf stores often only stock a limited range, online stores now offer a wider variety of brands and designs and there really is something to suit all tastes.

For more traditional designs that may suit the more mature golfer, Lyle and Scott sell a wide range of products including a variety of knitwear items ideal for spring afternoons. Daily Sport also offer a number of stylish garments, although the availability of the smaller sizes is poor.

Glenmuir offer an attractive collection of golfing apparel for ladies, catering for sizes 8-18. Green Lamb is another very popular brand: introduced in 1989 they pioneered female golf fashion, becoming one of the first companies to design clothing specifically for women golfers.

For ladies on a budget, Adidas and Nike both produce extensive golf wear ranges at more affordable prices. However, the best way to acquire a cheaper wardrobe is to shop around, make use of the various online clearance sales, and try to buy out of season: for example buy your summer shorts and skirts in the autumn.

Dressing for a summer round of golf

Ladies often take to the tee in shorts or a skirt in the summer months, but cropped or full length trousers may be more appropriate for cooler summer days. Course dress codes tend to be more relaxed for ladies, but it is important to check what the regulations are at your course. Most courses will allow any style of shirt provided it has a collar, and shorts or cropped trousers are usually acceptable, although there may be a minimum length requirement for shorts. Some courses will also stipulate certain lengths of sock.

Make sure you have a light jumper or jacket with you as weather conditions can change during the course of your round. It is also advisable to keep a set of waterproofs in your golf bag, and an approved sun hat or visor is a vital accessory.

Dressing for a winter round of golf

Make sure you have plenty of layers for braving the golf course in the winter months. A good base layer is a must, and it is best to wear two or three thin layers so they do not compromise your golf swing, and you can remove layers if the day becomes warmer.

Good waterproof shoes are a necessity as feet can become saturated walking through the damp grass, especially if you find yourself in the rough more often than you would like. Choose shoes with winter spikes to ensure a good grip.

On cold days, it is a good idea to invest in a pair of mittens or winter gloves to wear between golf shots. Many labels offer padded winter trousers for extra warmth, and golfers should ensure they never tee off without their waterproofs in the bag.